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1). What areas do you serve?


We serve the  ATL Airport district which includes the cities of East Point, College Park, Hapeville and Union City. However, we travel internationally for various projects.

2) . What kind of equipment do you use?


We use Sony, Canon and Nikon Cinema and non-cinema cameras, depending on your budget. We use DJI Drones for aerial footage.

All lighting and gear pricing will be incorporated into your proposal. 

3). How far in advance will I need to book my project?


It is best to let us know as soon as you know about your project. Pre-planning is a major part of the success of your production.

4). What is your process for Video Production Projects?

  • First, we have a phone consultation where we will go over your goals for the video and the budget you have in mind.

  • We will present you with a proposal or quote that includes everything we discussed on the phone and our rate.

  • We will create an agreement for the project. A 50% retainer will be needed to move forward with preproduction. We will plan your video production and set up schedules. 

  • Next, we will begin filming. After filming we will begin the video editing process. After you are satisfied with the finished video product we will deliver the files to you. The remainder of the payment will be due. 


  •  Throughout the process, we will remain in constant communication to ensure your project runs smoothly and meets your goals. 

Please contact us below for any other questions.

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